Recounting the Alytus Meeting

1st Day by Marc Wolf

Our journey started early in the morning. We met at 8 o’clock at the  Vienna Airport. Afterwards we went to the check-in counters and then we flew to Lithuania. After about 1 ½ hours we arrived in Vilnius. It was very cold with about 2 degrees and rainy. At the terminal, we met the Portuguese people – really open-minded and friendly people. We drove with a very old bus from Vilnius to Alytus. It took us about 2 hours. The landscape around Alytus is very flat and sparsely populated. We have seen some new and also very old houses on the way. Also the roads are partly new and very smoothly and partly bumpy and holey. As we got to our room, we were lucky that it was furnished very well and we were sure that it would get a nice and teaching week.

2nd Day by Christoph Hurter

Our day began at 7 o’clock in the morning. After we found out that the shower gets warm when you turn it on blue, we all took a shower and went for breakfast which started at 7 o’clock. The Breakfast was different when compared to a traditional Austrian one. We got burger bread with some sausage, cheese and vegetables. 10 Minutes after 9 o’clock the Lithuanian students showed us the way to the Alytus vocational training center. The school was enormous.  We all had our presentations about “Safer Internet” before we got known with the history of the Lithuanian Bread. They also showed us some traditional Lithuanian dances and music. The last point of this day in Alytus was a nice Coffee-Brake where we got in contact with our new friends from Lithuania. At the evening, we were walking around the city where we enjoyed a kind of “kebab” which was so big that we couldn’t even eat a half of it.  The City is very big and we really enjoyed it this evening. It was also nice that there was Wi-fi in the park.

3rd Day by Vanessa Nekam


Our day started already early in the morning. We had breakfast at 7 o’clock. Like every other day we got some sort of pancakes with sour cream or burgers with vegetables.

After breakfast we had time to get dressed because at about 9 o’clock all students met in the lobby where the Lithuanian students picked us up to go to school.

Today we created presentations on sheets of paper about the topic cyber-bullying. Of course, we also had to present our work in small groups.








Furthermore, we listened to a lecture of a police man from Lithuania. He also talked about our main topic cyber-bullying and showed us some interesting videos. In the afternoon we went to Kaunas where we had a guided tour through the Old Town. We visited the castle and some old churches. Another worthwhile stop in our tour was at the point where river “Memel” and “Neris” meet each other. Luckily the sun finally came out during our trip and therefore all of us enjoyed our stay in Kaunas a lot. After our tour we had an hour free time, where most of us got something to eat. Altogether, it was a really great but also exhausting day.








4th Dayby Iria Karl

We started the fourth day in Alytus as every other day. In the morning we had breakfast and after that the Lithuanian students picked us up and took us to the school.

At school we had two great workshops according 3D printing and programming little robots. In-between we had our coffee break before we changed groups and had the chance to try the other workshop.

After the workshops we were all able to recharge our batteries at lunch before we headed to the mayor of Alytus who welcomed all Erasmus participants really friendly.





Our last stop in the afternoon was Drusininkai where we had a tour with a guide who informed us about Drusininkai’s history and important facts. Moreover, we had the chance to try the salty water of the spring “Prie-saltinio”. Our fourth day was exhausting but nevertheless really educational and nice.


5th Day by Elisabeth Hamal

Today we visited the capital of Lithuania called Vilnius. We have seen numerous churches, some sights and historical places. Parts of the Vilnius lifestyle was shown to us too.








Afterwards we made a stop at a typical Lithuanian restaurant. There we got the opportunity to try some of the national meals and snacks.

The highlight of the day was the Trakai Island Castle. We proceeded in the time of the Middle Ages, visited castle parts, collections and unique pieces of the history.


6th Day by Lisa Brezina

Our day started early in the morning. We had breakfast at 7 o’clock. The selection of breakfast was the same as the other days.

After breakfast we had some time to get dressed before the Lithuanian students picked us up at 9 o’clock to go to school. It was our last day at school.

In the school we had a presentation about dangers in the internet and after the presentation we were allowed to create a comic on certain topics.














After lunch two students from the Lituanian school showed us a cocktail presentation and after that we were allowed to cost one.

In the afternoon we visited the White Rose Bridge, the peace statue and a citypark in the centre of Alytus.

The rest of the day was freetime and we used them to prepare us for the imminent return journey.


7th Day by David Müller

Suddenly we have reached on our last day of our journey. Without knowing what the future will bring we are having a last look on our room in the youth hostel in Alytus and finally find our missing underwear in some places nobody expected them to be. A quarter before ten we take our stuff and ship it into the bus. Then we went into the bus, having some emotional conversations with our Portuguese friends while we are waiting for the last people. Five before ten everybody is in the bus and after counting we finally left. We were driving about two hours from Alytus to Vilnius. During the bus drive we changed numbers, did some selfies, had a little cultural experience in musician and were playing with a balloon. On this day the time was running very fast in my opinion and so suddenly we walked into Vilnius Airport and thus we left the territory of Lithuania. After check in and doing some stuff which has to be done normally on an airport we had to say goodbye to our Portuguese friends. So now there were only two parties left. Because the Greek participants under the leader Mr. Apostolos [Syropoulos] went with us home to Austria because they wanted to do some sightseeing in Vienna. After losing many tears our dehydrated bodies went into the aircraft and we had to order some “Spritzer” to refresh our brain again. Time was going fast, I was sleeping most of the time in the plane and finally we landed at Vienna’s Airport.

An awesome trip has finished – thanks a lot to everyone – we will miss you!

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