Memories from the Xanthi Meeting

Miguel Correia was part of the Portuguese team that visited Xanthi during the 2nd meeting. He talked about his experience in the new school he is going and he realized that his schoolmates as well as his teachers were excited about his experience. Here is what how he described it:

I think this was everything I sayd. More or less Hello everyone! Good Afternoon. Today I ill talk about 2 or 3 topics If I my brain dont block after the first one ! – I spoke about 2 topics – And the one I love to talk about… Erasmus! I had the pleasure to go to greece with the program ” Erasmus Plus “. And I must tell you that it was pretty funny! And it helped me to raise my culture level. When I woke up in the morning It was a bit confusing to start speaking in English, but I did It hehe! we had breakfast with our host family, and then we went to school by bus with the son of the host family. Then we visit some important / historic places of Xanthi. ( yes I went to Xanthi – Greece.). In the last day me, my friend KostasĀ  ( Kostas is the son of the host family ) and more people from greece went out at night and we had some fun!

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