On-line Game Addiction

The most important problem in recent years is Online Game Addiction. Playing game is very important for us. Actually, we have to play game for our development.

<p?We usually play online games with our friends and in friends group. We cannot go out to play. Because we live in big cities. Sometimes going out is more dangerous for us. Because of this we have to stay at home when we have free time. And we play online games at home.

If we have play online games excessive hours, then there is a problem, a trouble! We can lose our control, our relationships with our family or friends may go bad and our school success may get worse…

In short it means:

There is a big problem!!!

At first, internet can be very enjoyable, it can be a fun for us. .But in reality, there is the other side of the coin.

Instead of playing online games for many hours

  • We should have a hobby;
  • We can meet our friends at our home or outside;
  • We can spend our time with our family;
  • We should go to cinema, theater, museum, library, etc.

These would be more efficient for us. We should be more conscious.


Miraç Rüzgar Akpınar

Ahmet Çuhadaroğlu Junior High School

Reflections of Romania Visit: Internet Addiction

Hi, my name is Ali Öztürk. We went to Romania in October, 2016. I am happy for it because I learnt something about Romania and internet addiction.

I want to tell something about internet addiction.

Internet Addiction:

Internet addiction is like a locked room. We want to exit from that room, but we can’t. We must be careful because of this.

We must ask ourselves:

  • >How long am I using internet?
  • Why am I using internet?
  • Is everything safe on internet?
  • Can I trust everybody on internet?

And more problems like these. We must be careful, we must not spend our time on internet. If you are an internet addict, I have some advice for you to a responsible digital citizenship:

  • We must use internet when we need.
  • We must not spend very much time on internet.
  • We must be outgoing and we must meet with our friends.
  • We must be more active in our school life.

Ali Öztürk

Ahmet Çuhadaroğlu Junior High School

Romania a Fantastic Place!

Romania is a fantastic place to live and visit with lots of shops, trees, parks,museums, palaces, and good people. At this meeting, I met some amazing people and some cheerful teachers from Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Lithuania, and Romania. Also, I learned many things about the other countries and things about the internet. For example, I learned how to avoid anyone who bothers me when using my PC. Also, I learned how long we can sit in front of a PC; how we can see if we are addicted to the Internet and how you can avoid it; and many other useful things for us. I believe that the main thing that I have learned, and most do it wrong, is how to sit in front of the PC.

I had a great time in Romanai and I would like to go again!