The Effects of Excessive Computer Use on out Body

Spending time on the computer is a common thing in present time. People are spending a lot of time on Internet, using computers, notebooks, tablets or smartphones.
As a child, my parents at home, and teachers at school, especially the kinesitherapy teacher, told me about the right posture. When we walk, when we talk, when we sit on a chair, at school, or at table at lunch, when we watch TV, always we had to have a right posture. A right posture means a good development of spine, and a good health, because all the intern organs develop right as we grow up.
At school, in the Erasmus+ project, I learned that I had to have a right posture of the whole body when I sit at the computer, on even when I use my smartphone. Why? Because if not, in time, a wrong posture, especially when we are staying at the computer a long time, or a long period, could lead at some issues on our health. The first sign of an incorrect posture of spine is pain. But not only is the spine posture important. Also is important the position of our arms, hands, legs. If we spent a long period on a computer without breaks, with an incorrect posture of our body, we can fill neck and shoulder stiffness, headache, or lower back pain. An important issue of excessive use of computer on human body is obesity, a health problem of which percentage is increasing.
For a good health of our body, when we use computer, we should have a right position in front of the computer, have a 5 minutes break at every half hour, breaks to relax the muscles (if we don’t know how to do stretching type of exercises just stand up from the computer and walk, and make some relaxation movements), and have a right position of our spine, arms and legs.
A kinesitherapy specialist recommendation for a good health is to walk as often as we can. Walking involves an increased number of muscles. Also it is recommended that any child to be involved in sports or participate in organized sport activities.
So, use computer with moderation, with a right body posture, take breaks to relax, and don’t forget to make sports!

Mirela Bărbulescu

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