Let us Say NO to Internet Addiction!

At my school, in October, was held an international meeting. We have guests from 5 countries, in an Erasmus+ project – Responsible European Digital Citizens, and the theme of the meeting was about Internet Addiction.
I learned a lot of things from that meeting.
I am a teenager, and, like other teenagers, I live in a “digital world”, being almost a “digital native”. I like to surf on the Internet, at school or at home. I am interested in a lot of things, so I always find motives to surf on Internet and make searches about places, countries, music, movies, football players, singers, actors or other things. I can search on Internet about everything. Also, on Facebook, I like to chat with my friends, I am looking on my school Facebook page, and I like to make new friends. I was so happy, when I won a tablet (was a prize at a contest), so I could spent time on Internet and play games on my own device!
But, in this meeting I learned that I could become addicted to Internet if I don’t take care. We watch some video clips about Internet Addiction, and we had to fill in a paper titled “The Shield”. We should remember the discussions after that, about the fact that we have qualities and talents that we should show to other people, in real life. We have to pay attention to and always keep in our mind the first signs of Internet Addiction: more and more time spent on Internet, lack of socialization in real life, isolation, not fulfilling other tasks (at school or at home), etc.
We have to set limits about the time we spent on Internet; we have to make friends, and talk with them, and spend time with them in real life, we have to focus on the important things in our life, we have to play games outside, like football, we have to walk in the park, we have to go in trips, we have to pursue our hobbies, like drawing, dancing, singing, or make hand crafts objects, or other things that keep us away from spending time at the computer.

In this way we can say “Log off” to Internet Addiction!

Robert Pietrariu

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