Erasmus+ REDIC: Meeting in Bucharest

Sunday, October 9 th 2016

The first day of our journey. image2 At 7:30 in the morning, the Austrian team met at the airport in Vienna. After the check in we had time to eat breakfast. 3 hours later our aircraft to Belgrade departed off. When we arrived in Serbia we had one hour spare time. In this time, we walked through the airport. Then we flew to Romania. We were so happy when we arrived in Bucharest. The way to get to Bucharest was very arduous.




The Romanian teachers picked us up the airport they drove us to our hotel. It was named “Hotel Capitol”. It was very funny that the receptionist spoke German. From the very first we knew that the Romanian people are very helpful and friendly.





Later, we had a walk through the old town of Bucharest. The teachers and the Greek team joined us. For lunch we stayed at “Paul”. It is a French restaurant and it was very delicious. We were very tired so the day ended very early.


Monday, October 10 th 2016


On Monday morning all teams had arrived and our group was complete. We enjoyed a very sunny start We went to school by bus at 9:00 am. It was our first day in school. We got heartily welcomed with a cake by the teachers and got a guidance through the school. It was a school for disabled children.


After that all students from the other countries joined us giving presentations about internet addiction. Some of them were very interesting and well prepared. Occasionally every day we got a lot of cakes and other sweets, they took care of us very much and we got optimally aided there.

image6Every day we went back for lunch to the hotel by bus and got there something at the buffet. We always had appetizers, main dishes and desserts. It tasted each time very good. In the afternoon we went to the Village-Museum in Bucharest also by bus. In this museum there were a lot of old houses like they lived in former times, it ́s like Carnuntum in Austria. Our hotel was located directly in the historic center so the Austrian group decided to go there and just walk around to have a look. It was very beautiful and there were a lot of small cafés and restaurants.

At 10 pm we went back to the hotel and went to bed because it was a very arduous day for us.

Tuesday, October 11 th 2016

image7In the morning, we had breakfast and then we drove to school. At school, we had a lecture from a doctor and after that from a psychologist which was very relaxing because we closed our eyes and chilled down.

There we also got food and drinks. Especially the freshly baked things were delicious. Therefore, we always ate a lot.


We also worked together at different topics. One topic for this day was to find 10 rules to avoid internet addiction.

After school, we drove back to the hotel, where we had lunch. In our opinion the lunch was indeed different and good every day.


Grace, one of the Portuguese teacher had birthday so she got a birthday cake and we sang for her. In the afternoon, we went to the National Museum of Romania, which is a big beautiful building. In this building is located the workplace of the Romanian president. After a long day we had dinner together. I think the dinner was a great finish of every day.

Wednesday, October 12 th 2016

We were sad that it was already halftime.

image10That day we were allowed to sleep a bit longer than usual. We switched our normal daily routine, because we made the trip in the morning and the school lessons in the afternoon. We woke up at 8.30 am and went to breakfast, which was very delicious
like every day. Our bus left at 9.30 and we drove straight to the house of parliament. Because of the busy traffic, it took us about half an hour to get there. We had a very interesting tour there.


The palace of parliament is the biggest building in Europe. It was built from 1983 to 1989. It was the planned by Nicolae Ceausescu, who lived there. The first building he ordered is now the National Museum, but he complained that it was too small for him, so they built the palace of parliament.

image12At midday we went back at the hotel and had lunch. After lunch we had time
to relax until 3 pm. In the afternoon we were at school and listened to two
interesting presentations about sleep deprivation on teens and online games. After a training session we went back to hotel and finished the evening with a tasty meal.

Thursday, October 13th 2016

image13As normal we had a great breakfast in the morning. This meal was our favourite because there were so many different food varieties, so everyone was pleased. After breakfast we drove to school by bus. This day was a special day for us. We were allowed to visit the students in the Romanian school for one hour. We were so excited that the kids were so supported. We could see that the teachers do their job with passion and love.


In the school we heard a presentation about computer work and addiction to computers. This was very interesting. Every day we had a few breaks, so we could eat the delicious food which as arranged for us. We loved the sweets with curd inside. The PE teacher showed us some stretching-exercises to avoid hardening the neck.

image15This day was our favorite day of all. We had a big surprise. We, the Austrian girls, went to the park with Romanian teachers. One of them was Catalina. She invited her band fellow who plays the guitar very well. They both sang for us. This was one of the most beautiful moments of our journey. It sounded perfect. When we are thinking about this, we get goose bumps all over.

Friday, October 14th 2016

image16Our next to last day we spent in Bucharest. It was the last day we were at school. The Austrian group thought that it was the best day from the whole week. We and the other students had to present our home countries. We got a lot of things for it like watercolors or colorful paper. We could let our creativity flow. After that we played a little game on the internet called “Internet safety” and got a certificate for it.


The Romanian teachers prepared a typical dance and sang for us and created a happy atmosphere and asked us to join the dance!  This was a wonderful experience as we had the chance to take part in Romanian folklore event.

image18Finally, we got the certificate for the project Erasmus+ REDIC. Our last dinner was very sentimental, after eating we danced a typical song from each country. It was really funny and we recognized that we have made already friends with all of them. Before we went back to the hotel said goodbye to the other students and teachers. Each teacher got a flower from the Austrian girls as a thank you present. Some of us began to cry because we were so sad that such a wonderful week was over. It was an interesting and great project for everyone of us and we have learned a lot in this week about internet, the different cultures and of course speaking English.

Saturday, October 15 th 2016

image19Last day!
We had a great last and relaxing breakfast. Then we took a short walk in a park together with Corinna, which was very nice. We walked near a little lake. In the park, there was a small stand where you could buy hot chocolate and coffee. For sure we warmed ourselves with a hot drink because it was so cold.

image20Later, the Austrian team and the Turkish team were driven to the airport, which was about 2 hours before we took off. So we enjoyed the time remaining and we took our last
photo with the Turkish team. I think saying goodbye to all the great persons was one off the saddest moments.

The duration of our first flight which was to Belgrade was about 1 hours. Because of our stopover, we spent our time at the duty free. After 1 hour and 20 minutes we landed in Vienna again. We had a great time and it was one of the most beautiful experience we’ve ever had.


Thanks a lot for this awesome time!

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