Reflections of Romania Visit: Internet Addiction

Hi, my name is Ali Öztürk. We went to Romania in October, 2016. I am happy for it because I learnt something about Romania and internet addiction.

I want to tell something about internet addiction.

Internet Addiction:

Internet addiction is like a locked room. We want to exit from that room, but we can’t. We must be careful because of this.

We must ask ourselves:

  • >How long am I using internet?
  • Why am I using internet?
  • Is everything safe on internet?
  • Can I trust everybody on internet?

And more problems like these. We must be careful, we must not spend our time on internet. If you are an internet addict, I have some advice for you to a responsible digital citizenship:

  • We must use internet when we need.
  • We must not spend very much time on internet.
  • We must be outgoing and we must meet with our friends.
  • We must be more active in our school life.

Ali Öztürk

Ahmet Çuhadaroğlu Junior High School

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