Internet Addiction

These days the Internet is one of the most useful sources for information and communication in the world. The Internet has a lot of advantages, but it has disadvantages as well. The most dangerous disadvantage is the addiction to the Internet. Today I would like to discuss about the addiction to the Internet.The problem is that the Internet and virtual life can get people addicted and we have to talk about it.

First of all, the problem is that the Internet and virtual life involve a lot of people and they spend long hours sitting at the computer screen and sometimes, they browse the Internet without any choice and get addicted to the Internet. Some parents let children use computers when they are very young. They play games, chat in social networks for long hours. They get lost in time and spend 7-8 hours sitting at a computer’s screen. By doing this, children start losing friends, don’t go outside and they become lonely. Computer games and the Internet are the only thing they are interested in and they get addicted to it.

To avoid all these problems, parents should control how much time their children spend online. They need to set some rules, like using computer 1-2 hours per day. Children should go outside more, communicate with friends, play with them in real life, not virtual life.

To sum up, people are getting addicted to the Internet more and more. We should all understand that the Internet is useful when searching for information or doing homework, but we shouldn’t involve in it too much.


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