Health Effects of the Internet

The availability of the Internet has accelerated the pace of life,the information has become available around the world, communication among people has become possible at any time and in any corner of the Earth. The Internet has a lot of advantages, but we have a number of problems associated with it. Although there is no specific statistics how many people do not control this habit, but we have a lot of people who are addicted to the Internet and have to look for some help if they want to get rid of this harmful habit.

To begin with, we can state that people who like coomunicating on the Internet more than in a real life are addicted to the Internet. One of the symptoms of the addiction is the loss of control. The people who are dependent to the Internet stay long hours in the network and they forget the time and moderation.

Research shows that such people are no longer interested in previous hobbies, become anxious, less physically active and they have disorders of sleepness. Misuse of the Internet will undoubtedly has an impact on human mental and physical health, it changes his/her mental status. Such individuals become irritable, they experience symptoms of depression, they do not pay attention to their family members.They are only interested in the events in the virtual reality, surf the Internet without any aim and are not longer interested in their previous activities. Of course, this has a bad impact on their work results, relations to their coleagues and family members. They are getting nervous if they are offline. The family members suffer from such people, because they are inattentive and unsociable. Moreover, such people do not communicate directly, because they are only interested in a virtual reality and virtual interlocutors. The research shows that such people are very lonely.The experience of psychologists shows if the parents ban using the Internet suddenly for teens, the situation will become worse.

To sum up, it is recommended to reduce gradually the time spent at the computer screen. Criticism can only lead to even greater resistance. The reason is that everyone wants that his/her actions, no matter what it is (in this case – surfing), would be respected. Parents and teachers should find out why teenagers become addicted to the virtual communication, to find the ways to establish warmer relations and make efforts to restore a lack of real communication.


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