Positive sides of the internet

The internet doesn´t have just negative sides. It was the greatest invention I think.

On the internet you can search everything, for example if you have some questions about an illness or about an author you get all information in an easy way instead of reading books. Another positive point is you can do online shopping, it is more comfortable than traditional shopping. You can get new friends on social media sites furthermore the internet is just an amusement.

A positive point is that you can watch films or series if you miss it on TV or listen to music.

With the internet we can do online banking so we don’t have to go to the bank if we want to transfer money.

It is also positive that there is a fast communication via E-Mails.

Everyone of us uses the internet, now, at this particular time when you are reading my blog for example.

I can´t imagine a life without the internet because I have grown up with the internet and it´s an important thing in my life.

So don’t think that internet is a bad invention and that it has just negative sides.

We should be glad that the internet exists but not we shouldn’t exaggerate otherwise it could be that we get addicted.

What do you think about the internet? Do you also think that internet has positive sides too

Charvat Simone

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