Health problems due to internet usage?

Have you ever asked yourself what negative effects spending too much time in front of the computer can have to your health? In October I spent one week in Romania. There we dealt with the topic “Internet Addiction” and what negative effects it could have on our body. Therefore, there is some information for you to avoid health problems.

Nowadays especially teens and kids are endangered to get Internet addicted, but I’m sure that not many of them know how bad it’s for their health. In Romania we learned that working on a computer or using a smartphone involves the adoption of certain postures, which reflects a specific request on the muscles, eyes, spine, joints, circulation and bowel.

People who spend too much time on the computer could also get isolated and in the hardest case, they give up their friends, so their social life gets lost.

So what can we do to avoid this case? I think the main thing is to set yourself limits and keep a healthy balance between virtual life and real life. Sometimes when your timetable is full of work, it’s hard to spend less hours on the computer, but your body will be thankful if you take breaks. The correct posture in front of the computer is also really essential for reducing degenerative diseases. If you take breaks, some stretching exercises will avoid tensions and relax your body again.

I really hope my information was helpful and together we can reduce the number of kids who are internet addicted. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.

What’s your opinion to this topic? Have you ever had experiences with such problems?

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Sofia Nagl

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