Health problems due to internet usage?

Have you ever asked yourself what negative effects spending too much time in front of the computer can have to your health? In October I spent one week in Romania. There we dealt with the topic “Internet Addiction” and what negative effects it could have on our body. Therefore, there is some information for you to avoid health problems.

Nowadays especially teens and kids are endangered to get Internet addicted, but I’m sure that not many of them know how bad it’s for their health. In Romania we learned that working on a computer or using a smartphone involves the adoption of certain postures, which reflects a specific request on the muscles, eyes, spine, joints, circulation and bowel.

People who spend too much time on the computer could also get isolated and in the hardest case, they give up their friends, so their social life gets lost.

So what can we do to avoid this case? I think the main thing is to set yourself limits and keep a healthy balance between virtual life and real life. Sometimes when your timetable is full of work, it’s hard to spend less hours on the computer, but your body will be thankful if you take breaks. The correct posture in front of the computer is also really essential for reducing degenerative diseases. If you take breaks, some stretching exercises will avoid tensions and relax your body again.

I really hope my information was helpful and together we can reduce the number of kids who are internet addicted. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask me.

What’s your opinion to this topic? Have you ever had experiences with such problems?

Please, write in the comments below!

Sofia Nagl

Addiction to the Internet

Hello my friends

This blog-post is very important for me because I have learned that issue in Romania during the Erasmus-meeting. The number of people who are addicted is rising.

The internet has made life much easier by creating connections between different people around the world. Nowadays, nobody can imagine a life without computer

However, it has also led a lot of people to spend too much time in front of the computer. The use of their computer, especially the internet becomes the center of their lives.

Whenever Internet addicts feel overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, lonely or anxious, they use the Internet to calm down.

Depressions and anxiety are emotional symptoms for internet addicts. Otherwise there are physical symptoms like headache, sleep disturbance or and weight gain or loss.

This people are very destitute so everyone can help. Do you know someone who is addicted to the internet? YOU CAN HELP!

It would be a great idea to suggest the person to go to the park or to make sports. The most important thing is that the addicted person is not alone so you can take the person with you to your activities. You can find a new hobby together.

In conclusion, this is a very sensitive topic. Therefore you should treat the addicted person carefully and respectfully.

I hope, I could give you an aspect at addiction to internet. So keep in mind that everybody need help in this situation.

Carolin Kramer

Game addiction

In October, we had a meeting of our Erasmus+ project REDIC in Bucharest, which was about Internet and gaming addiction. Therefore, this blog is about gaming addiction.

In my opinion gaming in general isn’t negative or bad. It could rather be a great way to get in contact with people, who aren’t nearby you. But if you neglect the “real” important things it could be danger to.

The danger of game addiction

I think there are innumerable negative aspects. If you are addicted you sit hours per hours in front of the computer or video games, which isn’t good for your health as well as for your mind.

Gamers often eat while they play. Often just crisps and maybe energy drinks to stay awake, of course this kind of nutrition isn’t healthy and well-balanced. Moreover, the movement abilities of the gamers are limited. However, overweight or eating disorder could be a big problem.

Another point is that the mind is very restricted. Due to the hours, they spent for the games they don’t have time for friends or their family. Therefore they isolate themselves and neglect the life they should have, which is of course terrible.

Avoiding the addiction

If you notice that your gaming habit is going to increase you should reduce it. As soon as you play too much, go out and meet your friends or focus a bit more on your school life. A good way is also to set yourselves limits, for example only one hour per day. Furthermore, don’t forget that movement is so important for you.

All in all

Finally, I think it’s okay to play one hour per day but everybody should enjoy the real life. We should be focused on our surrounding field because the time we have is too precious to waste for unnecessary things.

Lisa Hinterhofer


Positive sides of the internet

The internet doesn´t have just negative sides. It was the greatest invention I think.

On the internet you can search everything, for example if you have some questions about an illness or about an author you get all information in an easy way instead of reading books. Another positive point is you can do online shopping, it is more comfortable than traditional shopping. You can get new friends on social media sites furthermore the internet is just an amusement.

A positive point is that you can watch films or series if you miss it on TV or listen to music.

With the internet we can do online banking so we don’t have to go to the bank if we want to transfer money.

It is also positive that there is a fast communication via E-Mails.

Everyone of us uses the internet, now, at this particular time when you are reading my blog for example.

I can´t imagine a life without the internet because I have grown up with the internet and it´s an important thing in my life.

So don’t think that internet is a bad invention and that it has just negative sides.

We should be glad that the internet exists but not we shouldn’t exaggerate otherwise it could be that we get addicted.

What do you think about the internet? Do you also think that internet has positive sides too

Charvat Simone